Last week, Highsnobiety blessed the web with part one of their look inside the Stone Island archives with founder Carlo Rivetti. Today, they posted up the second installment of the tour, going through the never-ending rows of Stone Island history and got the individual stories on some of them. It's clear Rivetti loves this stuff to death. You could make a drinking game out of the amount of times he says "Mamma mia" to himself in this short clip. This one mainly focuses on some of Stone Island's innovative approaches to fabric and materials, which the brand has become known for.

Rivetti points out some of the most interesting pieces as he meanders through: a leather jacket with aluminum inside, a coat from the first season they used polyester fabric (THROWBACK), a 100% bronze jacket (WUT) and a windbreaker from 2006 that, when it underwent the signature Stone Island dyeing process, shrunk 50% in size. So, before they dye the piece, it's basically a parachute of a jacket that needs to shrink down to even be wearable. "All my life is here," he says. "I'm a lucky man." Goddamn Carlo, you're bringing a tear to my eye, bro.