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Do you love socks with every fiber of your being? Are you willing to pay real, actual dollars to become a member of a club that revolves solely around socks? Well, you are in luck, because the Sock Club of London is a real, actual thing. It's like Fight Club, except, instead of physical violence, it's about an item of clothing you wear on your feet. The Guardian got the firsthand look at the inner workings of the society thanks to two anonymous members of the club known only by their identification numbers, 001 and 002.

Every member has their own matte black membership card that displays their number, when they joined the club and the first rule of Sock Club on the back, which, of course, could not be revealed. So what happens in Sock Club? It's mostly just a bunch of dorks who really like socks getting together to talk about socks over coffee, occasionally shaming wearers of bad socks on Instagram and receiving exclusive Sock Club collaborations with brands like Chup, Pantherella and Corgi. Do they have rules about socks? OF FUCKING COURSE THEY DO:

-Wearing no socks is unforgivable. Invisible socks are fine, but if you don't wear socks at all, so help you God.

-You should change your socks at least once a day.

-You should hand wash your socks and let them air dry.

I am not that shocked to learn about this secret society tbh. If there is one subset of the menswear community that is almost entirely insufferable, it's sock folk. They're almost as bad as the casual bow tie community. There are legitimately people out there that will son you for your sock choice or your decision to wear socks at all. Damn, can my feet live?