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SHOWStudio's "In Your Face" series began in 2011 with interviewer Nicolas Niarchos during an exhibition of the same name. Presented in black-and-white, the interviews are described as a counter to the "coaxing, cajoling tradition of interviewing prevalent in art and fashion journalism."

The "confrontational conversations" are filmed with an interviewer and an interviewee in what appears to be a dark space. The artist in front of the camera is the only thing the camera and viewer sees, as the interviewer sits off camera and asks questions prepared specifically for the artist.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Dinos Chapman, Aaron Young, Pedro Reyes, and Martin Creed are among those who have participated in the series so far, with Marina Abramovic recently joining the conversation during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 as she sat with interviewer Carrie Scott at the Miami Beach EDITION Hotel.

Check out a couple more of the "In Your Face" interviews below and head to the SHOWStudio project page for more.

 [via Selectism]