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Ralph Lauren may best be known as a fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive, but he's also a restauranteur. The Polo Bar is due to open down the street from the Ralph Lauren flagship on Fifth Avenue, and will be modeled after the designer's own classic and super-luxe sense of style. 

The New York Times got an advanced look inside and from its description it sounds like no expense was spared in the interior decorating, with the Times writer Jeff Gordiner commenting that it is "aglow with amber light and dense with equestrian paintings and trophies" and that "it feels like a country club as staged by Steven Spielberg." If that wasn't enough of a sell, how about the fact that it "looks like a place where the Earl of Grantham might repair for a porterhouse and a brandy after a brisk woodland romp." 

This is the third food and beverage venture that Ralph Lauren has opened in recent memory. A few months back, he started serving his own blend of coffee from a branded coffee shop on the second floor of the flagship store in New York. The American designer also has a Ralph Lauren restaurant in Chicago

Check out some shots of the interior below, and then stay tuned for news about the official opening. 

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