On Dec. 12 at the BronxArtSpace, a collection of works curated by Claudia Maté opened to the public titled "Premium Bundle." The group show features sculptures, interactive pieces, paintings, and videos by Maté, Ivana Basic, Ryder Ripps, Lorena Prain, Elliott Wright, Rollin Leonard, Mattie Hillock, Emilio Gomariz, Kim Asendorf, Ole Fach, Sabrina Ratte, Sara Ludy, Claudia Hart, Vince MckelvieChris Shier, and all of the art in the show is either based on, or inspired by the Internet.

Installation view
Chris Shier
Claudia Maté 
Microsoft Corporation
2005 - 2014 
Rollin Leonard
Flat face 
Ryder Ripps
Double Plea 
Mattie Hillock
No ego in pink “(you have nothing to wor- ry about until you start to worry)”
digital painting printed on silk 
Anthony Antonellis
Poland Spring Power Balance

The exhibition runs through Dec. 20 at the East 140th Street art space in the Bronx, New York. For more info, head to the BronxArtSpace website.