In a new series of images, photographer Harry McNally took his black-and-white images of subway stations, street corners, and abandoned buildings and overlaid them with familiar cartoon characters. Called "Moments Like These," the series seamlessly blends the fabric of the city with the well-known stories of Disney favorites, placing Jasmine in a club and Cinderella on a subway platform.

"The photographs were not taken with the intention of adding characters to them. The idea for that came one night while I was obsessively reviewing my photo archive," McNally explained about the concept for the series via email. "The content of each photograph already presents a scene, some more suggestively than others. A situation is already there, ready to be imagined. Adding the character element makes the image more of a 'moment.'"

The resulting "moments" are both comical and unsettling. It's funny to see Alice wandering around underground or Peter Pan sitting at the doctor's office, but the unusual scenarios also suggest some impending danger lurking just beyond the edges of the prints. The series is available for sale on McNally's website here.