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Damn, Outlier's out here making really thoughtful, really carefully designed clothing and accessories suitable for a lifestyle far more active and wealthy than mine, but I still want it all. Take their new "Ultrahigh Duffle" for example. Despite giving it a really funny name, I really need this to augment my travels this year. Hang on a sec, the stoner in me is still LMAOing about a bag being high af. Okay, I'm back. You see that roll top with the magnetic closure though? How about the fact you can wear this joint, like, seventy different ways? According to Outlier, this bag is designed to be packed light aka not stuffed full of gear you won't wear on your trip, which is a good thing, I guess. I just take umbrage with the idea of not over-packing for a trip. If you aren't checking a bag, you aren't really traveling tbh.