Outlier gets a lot of love for being one of the few brands to marry technology with actually good looking clothes, which seems to be a difficult task for most other clothing brands. That's probably why Fast Company gave the brand the profile treatment. On the Internet, Outlier sort of feels like it has a chokehold on this segment of the menswear world, but in reality, it's a pretty small enterprise that focuses on a small run of products and uses a lot of data and online work to get things done. The duo behind the brand, Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister, get literally scientific with their products. The brand's duffel bag, for example, is made of crystalline polyethylene, a really fancy kind of plastic.

Burmeister and Clemens started the brand randomly back in 2008, when they met through their local area coffee shop barista. The two talked and eventually a pair of water-resistant and tear-proof pants were drafted up and Outlier was born. To this day, Outlier is still funded entirely by Burmeister and Clemens. While they may not have been the first, they are the ones who did it right, to borrow a Drake lyric. Now, the brand is growing steadily, using places like Reddit for community feedback and crafting clothing for their customer's commute and workday without the outfit change in between. They're making it rain, which is convenient since all their clothing is waterproof to begin with.