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A seven-month investigation by the NYPD known as "Operation Treasure Hunt" culminated yesterday with the seizure of more than $2 million worth of counterfeit goods in a Queens warehouse raid according to WWDOfficers sawed through the "Louis Vuitton of locks" to gain access to the storage units and inside found knock-off goods ranging from fake Nike sneakers and North Face jackets to knock-off Beats headphones and Chanel handbags.

The officers tailed suspects to the storage unit and made seven arrests. Apparently, the goods found were pretty high quality counterfeits. According to one of the officers on hand, "You really have to give them credit. You have to really know your stuff to know a lot of this is fake. We know it's fake because it's what we do..." Looks like somebody read Four Pins once, lieutenant. While the goods themselves come in one shipment, the designer labels are added later, which is what makes this whole operation illegal. This is the shit bootleggers have nightmares about. I guess Canal Street is gonna be a little quieter in the coming weeks. RIP to the plug.