Nudie Jeans continues its venture into home goods with another installment of its Recycle Denim initiative. And this time around, the Swedish brand tapped into its country’s favorite pastime: camping.

Using 2,700 pairs of recycled jeans, the brand created a limited-edition capsule of rugs and camper seats using innovative construction techniques and eco-friendly methods. The foldable camper seat—available in light blue and dark blue—is braided by hand using the in and outseam of nine Nudie jeans, one belt, and one leather patch. Meanwhile, the reintroduced rag rugs—available in small and large variations—are constructed from the same shredded leg pieces that were used to create the In-and-Out Seam Camper Seat.

Perfect for holiday gifts, the recycled capsule items are available at Nudie Jeans online store as well as the Nudie Jeans House in West Hollywood. The rugs and foldable chairs are limited to 75 and 250 pieces, respectively, so you’ll want to move fast.