Christmas might be over, but you definitely got money for the holidays and you need to spend it somewhere. That's where Nid de Guepes comes in. The small French brand dropped an abbreviated three piece capsule collection of Four Pins-approved gear. One bomber in bordeaux, another in a sandy tan, and a belted, wool kimono. Can't really go wrong there, can you? Plus, that bordeaux is eerily similar to the 2015 color of the year, marsala. Think about how on-trend you'll be for the next 12 months. Their bombers also have those cool back flap pockets. I always imagine putting really important documents like my passport back there in an extremely careless manner. Like, all my other pockets are full so I need to throw it somewhere. How about this aptly sized back pocket on my jacket? Then I'll never remember where it is right before I actually need to use it Because that's how life goes. Anyway, NDG does all their items made to order and ships them out within 10 days. Begin 2015 with a new banger in your outerwear selection. That's all you need in terms of new year's resolutions