It's almost always as if before a trend can even gain enough steam to materialize and become an actual trend, it's the The New York Times' duty to swoop in and murder it on sight. And that's exactly what happened with the Grey Lady's latest victim, "health goth." The Times just had to come in and ruin it for everyone, though this place called Monster Cycle that offers a spin class experience for a cross section of goths and gym rats, is probably equally at fault because that shit sounds like absolutely torture.

There is a bit of controversy when it comes to the health goth trend, as there are two groups who claim credit for starting it. On one side you have the trio that started the "Health Goth" Facebook page that now has 18,000 likes, and on the other, a Chicago DJ, Deathface, who in 2012 lost 20 pounds after adopting a healthier lifestyle and began posting progress pics on Instagram with the #healthgoth hashtag before starting his own "healthgoth" Facbook page. YES, THE SPACING AND CAPITALIZATION MATTERS.

Mainly, the NYT piece addresses how the trend has encouraged those who didn't exercise much and lived unhealthy lifestyles before to exercise more. You know how those alcoholic, drug-using goths typically are. Because most of them work in nightlife—goths are a nocturnal species after all—they need to keep their bodies in top shape to professionally keep the party going. And with black athletic gear becoming more in style thanks to the likes of Nike and Alexander Wang x H&M, activewear can now easily transition into the classic goth look. Dope fits aside, it's the fitness aspect that ties it all together as places like Monster Cycle pop up to offer an outlet to people who might not find a normal gym all that appealing because everyone who bullied them in high school probably works out there.

But none of this shit ever matters now because health goth is as dead as the souls of its number one customers.