One of the biggest lifestyle changes about living in New York is everyone's absolute physical inability to shop for groceries. I grew up in the midwest where once a week my mom would go to the grocery store, stock up on food and have enough on hand to make dinner four or five times a week. She didn't plan out meals for every night or anything, but there was a good amount of home cooking done. But in New York, all bets are off. I order out probably three or four times a week. Granted, there are a lot of people much worse than myself. People are too lazy to shop and cook for themselves, so takeout is more than a legitimate meal option, it's a fucking way of life. Which is why the New York Post just had to track down the New Yorkers who spend more than $10,000 a year on takeout.

There's Kris Ruby (pictured above), head of her own PR and social media agency who lost her credit card and had to use her dad's while she waited to get a new one. In the meantime, her father saw her rack up more than $200 on takeout. The estimate on how much she spends per month? $900, which ends up around $11,000 per year. What in the actual fuck? According to Zagat, roughly 58% of New Yorkers' meals come from takeout. Then there's Jared Saltzman, who doubles up on Ruby's struggle $900 with $1,800 a month takeout tab. One woman even went so far that when she was stuck at the DMV, she used Postmates to pick up some Thai food and have it delivered to her while she waited in line.

Wow, these people are like straight up drug addicts, only their heroin is delivery. I mean, that's gotta be the only excuse. Naturally, all these fools can afford to pay this much. If I went off the Seamless deep end and ordered that much, I'd be in credit card debt so quick that I'd have to offload all my jawns just to survive. And I'd rather fucking starve than ever let that happen. I'm sure you can relate. Don't become these people, fam. Please save what little money you have for copious clothing purchases. We're still in denial about that.