We all know the guy who uses canisters of Axe body spray as if the scent really does attract scantily clad females in droves, like the brand's commercials suggest. However, in an ad for its new White label during the college football playoffs, Axe may be moving away from selling sex.

The new ad markets the scent as a self-confidence booster by following a man through a hotel. Various onlookers, including a little boy, a Russian general, and a dog, in addition to the usual cast of women, suspect the man is a movie star, spy, surgeon, or comedian. The commercial reveals that the man actually works in the hotel, finishing with the slogan, "How you feel says it all."

This is a big shift for a brand known its hyper-sexualized content, but at the same time, Axe doesn't totally move away from its past model, providing us with other stereotypical things dudes are into, like explosions, fighting, and good-looking ladies. 

In addition to the revamped branding, White label also introduces a dry-spray technology new to the U.S., as well as unique scents, such as praline, star fruit, moss, fig, and ginger.

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