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Let one model turned "face of porn"'s story be a warning to all those considering a gig in posing before a photographer. A woman from Ohio is suing a Columbus-based lensman for selling her photos to dozens of porn sites in a lawsuit that was recently moved to Manhattan federal courts, NY Post reports

23-year-old Nicole Forni says she posed for a lingerie shoot in Jan. 2013 with photographer Joshua Resnick, who'd reached out to her. She made him promise that the photos would not be used in an "adult-oriented, pornographic or obscene manner," according to the lawsuit. The only problem is, Forni failed to have Resnick write down their agreement.

What's worse, Forni also signed a "universal adult-model release for all agencies" form, so things don't look so well for the young model. Not long after the shoot, her face began cropping up on the covers of adult films and erotica such as Horny Housewives of DubaiVixen in Vegas, among others. Needless to say, the girl was "mortified."

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She apparently only found out about the alleged breach in contract from family members and friends who recognized her on Playboy's website. Ouch.

So the moral of the story? Read the fine print on all agreements and maybe don't be so trusting of strangers.

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