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Here's a weird one for you: All the wool used to make mid to high-end suits comes from the descendants of just six sheep. It's like the evolutionary process, except for suits. Back in 1789, all the finest wool in the world—those "super" wools used to make your favorite suits—came from Spanish merino sheep. The King of Spain, being the only person able to export these sheep, sent six of 'em to the Netherlands as a gift. However, the sheep couldn't adjust to the climate very well, so they were sent to South Africa and Colonel Gordon in the Dutch army.

As the British took over the area, Gordon committed suicide (RIP, bro) and, eventually, those sheep multiplied to 26, sold off by Gordon's widow to a British military official, John MacArthur, headed for Australia. Within 40 years, Australia had become the largest merino wool producer in the world. To this day, Australia produces a majority of the merino wool in the world. Merino wool is so important that there is even a sheep on Australia's currency.

Still though, six—SIX—brave sheep started the entire merino wool industry. It's very possible that if those sheep had stayed in the Netherlands like original intended, the sweater I'm wearing right now as I write this shit would not exist. This is like tracing human history back to the missing link or something. We're literally talking about the Adam and Eve of merino wool here, people. Wow, we owe such a debt of gratitude to the original six.