According to a few reports out today, it's looking more and more likely that menswear will finally get back its own dedicated fashion week in coming year, starting with this summer. The proposed fashion week would take place in July, around the 4th. The CFDA has already lined up some sponsors for the change, but is looking to secure a bit more funding before anything becomes official—namely nabbing a title sponsor like Mercedes Benz. We're also hearing through the Four Pins grapevine influencer network that this is pretty much all but confirmed, so feel free to write it on your calendar in pen.

If early July does become the time frame, that month will become one of the busiest of the year for us menswear-focused folk as Capsule, Project and Liberty all happen later in the month. It also makes sense for the buyers out there who have to purchase pieces for their stores, as previous September dates come a few weeks after most retailers had already secured their buys for the season. Word is that this won't necessarily affect the upcoming February shows as the timing there works out okay and is strictly aimed at the pushing the current September shows up to July.

Plenty of men's brands are already on board with the change, including the likes of Ralph Lauren, Public School, Ovadia & Sons, Todd Snyder and Michael Bastian. Basically, if—but really more like when—this happens, the menswear community is gonna go HAM for an entire month straight. Sounds pretty fucking lit to us.