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Have you ever dreamed of wearing a baseball cap and a top hat at the same time, but have never been able to track down this elusive unicorn of millinery? No? ARE YOU SURE? Because the greatest Kickstarter campaign of all time is here to give you the amazingly hilarious Le Grand Hat, a hybrid of a baseball cap and top hat all in one.

The top hat feels a little bit outdated, no? Well, you're fucking wrong because according to this campaign, "There has never been a more sophisticated and dominating hat in fashion than the top hat." I'm not sure that's even remotely true, but what do I know? I'm currently wearing a beanie that says "Alphet" like a fucking chump.

I honestly can't stop laughing my ass off looking at photos of this hat. Can you imagine wearing this thing? LOOK AT HOW FUCKING TALL IT IS. Would you even be able to walk through normal-sized doorways? This shit is basically a circus tent for your dome. How will it stay up and not collapse onto itself, killing everyone and everything inside of it? Hurry, someone get the elephants out of here! Pharrell probably loves this and once he wears one on the red carpet, shit will sell out immediately and designer versions will cost $1,000 a pop and these guys will be laughing all the way to the digital bank that holds your Kickstarter funding until proof of shipment.

P.S. That is a rendering of Rihanna wearing the hat. It is not, in fact, real. God, fashion is stupid. Almost as stupid as this hat.