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J.Crew, with their penchant for smart collaborations with the likes of New Balance, Alden and Nanamica, decided to bring on a new collaborator for S/S 15: a four-year-old girl. Her name is "Mayhem" and she has 433K followers on Instagram and a blog dedicated to her fashion sense. You might have seen her a while back when she popped off for her renditions of red carpet style made out of paper, but probably not because we didn't write about it. Either way, Mayhem will be designing an exclusive capsule collection for Crewcuts, J.Crew's line of children's apparel.

Let's all take a moment to realize how much more successful she is than all of us already despite being basically a fucking baby. We're not talking about a dog making $15,000 a month for playing dress up. No, no, this is a miniature human who met Jenna Lyons and is now getting paid to play with glorified arts and crafts.

Of course, her mother is the one pushing her fame forward as Mayhem is, once again, a four-year-old girl and probably can't use Instagram or a pair of scissors. I can't even hate though because the minute I have a dog or a child I will be plastering their faces all over Instagram in the hopes of them striking it big, then using all the money from their success to finance my fashion budget. Stage mom is peak existence as far as I am concerned.