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Besides the size of a wall or other urban canvas, there's really no limit to street art. Last month, street artists around the world decided to do it big. Australian artist David "MEGGS" Hooke, for example, finished his largest mural to date. A tribute to Detroit (whose Institute of Arts was recently saved), the finished product is a whopping 6,500 square feet. Out in India, Dome painted his tallest masterpiece yet: a surreal depiction of a bike-riding moose that took three days and two cherry pickers to complete. Perhaps it was remembering 5 Pointz, which was whitewashed one year ago last month, that inspired artists to take things to the next level.

Size wasn't the only thing that stood out. Most of last month's murals were rather muted in color, with some exceptions, including José Pará's giant piece for One World Trade Center and Greg Lamarche's new creation in Harlem. Hendrik Beikirch's black-and-white number and even Ludo's Shanghai mural (with his signature use of green paint) both look rather solemn but also showcase the two artists' skillful draftsmanship. Slide down to see all of In These Streets: The Best Street Art From November 2014​.