Art Basel Miami Beach is just as much about who you see as what you see. As it becomes more popular, the five-day event increasingly resembles a music festival or fashion week, attracting celebrities and superfans alike. Whereas the art world was once a closed circle inhabited by collectors, dealers, and auction house professionals, thanks in part to the Internet, more people outside this insular community are getting involved. For better or for worse, Art Basel Miami Beach is now a destination for the rich and famous.

Celebrities are in some ways the perfect audience for Art Basel Miami Beach. Not only do they draw partygoers to events like flies to a lamp, but they also have the capital to make big investments on new artworks. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Diddy, the VIP opening of the Art Basel main fair was crawling with celebrities. In addition to collecting, celebrities are also taking on the art world by working with artists. Swizz Beatz, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade all unveiled collaborative projects in Miami this week while music artists, including FKA Twigs and Miley Cyrus, spent their time in Florida performing shows. After long days of viewing art, celebrities attended high profile parties all over the city. Here's what all your favorite celebrities were up to during Art Basel Miami Beach.