First came the Parabellum tote, then the RTH ponchirt, and now, last but not least, this year’s rendition of the #Heineken100 program rounds out with the GLCO sunglasses. 

For the third leg of the 2014 #Heineken100 collaborative effort, Chris Gibbs, the program's Creative Director and owner of Union Los Angeles, linked up with Garrett Leight of Garrett Leight California Optics to create a custom, limited-edition pair of sunglasses that utilize a flat lens—a first for the popular eyewear company.

“I was thrilled to partner with Chris Gibbs and Heineken for the #Heineken100 program,” said Leight. “The collaborative process was very inspiring—Chris pushed me to try something totally new—and I’m really proud of what we’ve come up with.”

The special edition acetate shades play on Garrett Leight’s Kinney style with a similar dark grey crystal frame, though come upgraded with new zero-based, green flat lenses that set the standard in style. 

“It’s so rewarding to see this creation come to life,"  said Gibbs. "I was motivated by Garrett Leight’s timeless style. GLC is all about quality and these sunglasses epitomize both quality and design, exactly matching the soul of Heineken.”

The GLCO sunglasses will be exclusively doled out to 100 style influencers across the country. So don’t go running to your nearest Garrett Leight retailer looking to get your hands on a pair. Instead, hope and prey that Heineken deems you worth of their “tastemaker” status.