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How many times can the Hawaiian shirt come back? This shit seems to have made a reappearance, like, four times over the past 5 years, so, being on the cutting edge and all, The Huffington Post dove into the history of the Hawaiian shirt with an in-depth chronology of how the tropical floral print came into fashion, retreated for a few years and, now, has made yet another comeback into the fray with current fashion trends. These shirts have been around for the better part of the century, emerging in the 1930s and on the backs of everyone from Tricky Dick to Elvis. Not even remotely surprising, even back then, the jury was still out on whether they were actually cool.

But if you think you can just drop some flowers on a short-sleeve, button-up shirt, YOU ARE SORELY MISTAKEN. The original Hawaiian shirts were made with true inspiration, with detailed renderings of canoes or fish, referencing Hawaiian folklore and what have you. To qualify as a true, authentic "Aloha" shirt, it must be made in Hawaii and be thoroughly researched. The history is deep and specific as some of the oldest shirts fetch a tidy sum at auctions nowadays.

While the shirts primarily went out of style after the '60s, today the Hawaiian shirt is experiencing a sort of renaissance. High-fashion brands like SLP and Prada have each produced their own takes even if they obviously can't be considered the real deal as they lack a certain elements of storytelling. Either way, the ups and downs of trends are as fascinating as always if you happen to be gigantic fucking nerds like us and the story behind the Hawaiian shirt is probably more extensive than you previous realized. Happy Monday. Learn yourself.