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Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci sat down with to discuss his new ad campaign and the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z came up when talking about "strong men." 

Givenchy's new campaign stars Julia Roberts, and Tisci notes that when choosing a face for the brand he looks for a strong man or woman. The designer goes on to say, "It's always very difficult to find a strong man." When asked who he would put in this category, though, Tisci gives some familiar names:

"Who’s a strong man? Does it exist? Jay Z is a strong man. Kanye is a strong man. Brad Pitt is a beautiful man, but he’s not a strong man. Obama. I love Obama. Who else? Keanu Reeves is a strong man, even if he disappeared for a bit.​ There is another one I really like, but someone came before me. Willem Dafoe. I love him, but Prada came before. She was faster than me, Miuccia. When you talk to him, you fall in love."

Jay and 'Ye make perfect sense, as Tisci is friends with both of the rappers and designed artwork and custom t-shirts for  their join album Watch the Throne, as well as the tour that accompanied the album. 

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