The world has been in a love affair with North West since day one. At just 18 months old, she has already perfected her dad's signature scowl and stepped out in clothes most could never afford. Besides being totally badass for her age, the kid is frankly rather adorable; and Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti would agree.

In a brief interview with E! News, Zanotti gushed on about North. "I love North. She’s so sweet," he said, recalling time spent with her at Kanye and Kim's wedding in Florence. Last year, he made custom shoes for North. Only the best for his favorite celebrity baby, right?

Not surprisingly, Zanotti had only good things to say about Kanye, who he's worked with in the past. "He’s a creator — so sensible, and he’s a great artist. I respect [him] a lot." That's not to say Kanye isn't particular about his shoes, Zanotti revealed.

"Of course, there are some special requests or if there is something to do, I'm happy." 

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[via E! Online]