Punny headlines are just about the only thing I'm good for around here. But it's for a good cause because the homies at Gioventú New York just dropped their "Bruiser Crew." These things are made of french terry that will keep you warm, but isn't too bulky that they hamper your layering game. They also have small side vents to offer so many layering possibilities you won't know what to do with them. Those black stripes are made of hefty thermal fabric and give the piece a hockey top look and the enzyme wash means the piece is super soft and provides a natural wear and tear fade. It might look like you've actually been in a fight before. You know, like a hockey player. Also included here are a couple exclusive teasers of two more drops coming from Gioventú: a mid-weight, oversized tee and a supremely great flannel shirt. Those two will be released soon, so keep an eye out. For now, drop your guap on the Bruiser and you'll receive it around Christmas time. What a great gift to yourself for surviving the past 12 months. God knows how you did it.