Wow you guys, I can't even keep up with all the Internet memery garments being created right now. You should get some of this content gear from Extracurriculars for the people in your life who are still very active Facebook users. There's nothing better than feeling a sense of superiority over someone else's Internet habits by presenting them with content and/or content-related clothing that they don't understand because they still think the News Feed on Facebook was designed to vent about slow baristas at Starbucks and to allow their subtle and ingrained racism to shine. Like, my girlfriend has some friends that only use the Internet for, like, work, email and ordering shit. They don't even know what the fuck a meme really is, let alone "*Reads Four Pins Once*," so whenever she makes me hang out with them, I just drop knowledge bombs all over them. Like, "Dawg, have you seen this adorable photo of North West?" Or, "Famotron, how do you not know what "fleek" means by now?” And even, "Instagram isn't for taking photos of your newborn. It's for creating fire content and having an ideal followers to following ratio, so you can build your personal brand." This is also why my girlfriend never invites me to things now.