Have you ever bought stuff from Etsy? Or does the the platform feel a bit too "hipster-y"? Maybe it's a little too crafty or DIY for your tastes? Well, I used it to pick up a leather jacket a couple years ago that I still have today, so if you're ignoring it, that's too bad because Style Dot Com has a good look at how Etsy is basically becoming the new place for young designers to sell their goods. And we should be paying attention.

Etsy is insanely successful and even more popular, whether you believe it or not. The company sold more than $500 million worth of goods through its site in 2012 and can hold its own when compared to some of the largest online marketplaces of the day—it has roughly four times as many followers on Twitter as Net-A-Porter. Sellers on the site even have celebrity fans, like Beyonce who put on Reuben Reuel after she wore some of his pieces.

Now, the company is going even deeper, with Etsy Wholesale, allowing small-scale fashion brands to get into large retailers without that much work. Retailers can use the platform to discover new brands and buy directly from the designer and because most Etsy designers work year-round, there isn't any trouble with the traditional buying cycles of the fashion world.

All you brands that want to get on the pages of Four Pins and don't want to deal with our completely unreliable and unprofessional emailing skills, Etsy looks like the place to be.