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Made from pool noodle foam and microsuede, the Nugget couch was created by designers David and Ryan, two UNC Chapel Hill students with no background in design who noticed that futons and standard couches were uncomfortable, inefficient, and ended up in dumpsters at the end of the year. 

Doing away with the metal and wood frames, the Nugget is made with low-density polyethylene and has four sections instead of one solid piece. The cushions can be arranged in variety of ways, with or without the couch; the suede covers are removable, which makes cleaning your couch a much easier task; and there is also a microsuede blanket for those chilly nights.

The project was posted to Kickstarter and hit its goal of $20,000 in the first day. At the time of this post, there were 31 days to go, and 287 backers have already pledged over $39,000. Companies, including Rooms 2 Go and Wayfair, are already on board to carry the product. We can definitely see this being a hit with college students who need versatile and comfortable furniture or anyone who is sick of assembling futons or having the upholstery on their fancy couches professionally cleaned.

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