COS is opening its first store in New York this Friday and that is cause for some celebration because who doesn't want to look like they have very discerning taste in everything from clothing to furniture, like Swedish people generally do? Style Dot Com got the first look at what's in store, literally,  and it's pretty spiffy, as my mom would probably put it. It's not laid out exactly how you would imagine, though. Higher-end brands usually make their stores annoyingly sparse, almost museum-like, but COS went with a cozier vibe that replicates a multi-level brownstone apartment as the store is located in a building built in the 18th century. While womenswear takes up most of the store—three of the four floors—the men's stuff is located in the basement (chopped liver, ONCE AGAIN), but it does have a pretty sweet well. You know, one of those things people used to get water out of. If you're in New York, check it out when it opens at noon tomorrow, December 5th, at 129 Spring Street.