On Dec. 3, Chris Bosh hosted an event at the Yeelen Gallery in Miami's Little Haiti, just ahead of the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. Titled "An Evening of Art," the event featured a new collection from Bosh's Mr. Nice Tie line and also showcased the work of three artists: Leandra ArvazzettiJerome Soimaud, and Tim Okamura.

Leandra Arvazzetti and Chris Bosh, ​Image via April Belle Photos
Chris Bosh and Tim Okamura, ​Image via April Belle Photos

Leandra Arvazzetti used fabrics and ties to create a sculpture inspired by Bosh's collection, Jerome Soimaud's I Am a Man painting was featured as a "nod to relationships between father and son," and those who attended also got a chance to see Brooklyn-based artist Tim Okamura's "Love, Strength, and Soul​" exhibition, which is currently on view at the gallery through Jan. 10.

In a press release for Okamura's exhibition, gallerist Karla Ferguson​ says that she was "drawn to Tim’s work because of his masterful depictions of women which are greatly ignored, marginalized, or exoticized by society...His brush echoes the struggle for equality across lines of race, gender, and ethnicity. I see myself in his work; I see generations of women that have taken up the torch." 

Tim Okamura, Image via Yeelen Gallery
Tim Okamura, Image via Yeelen Gallery
Tim Okamura, Image via Yeelen Gallery

For more about Bosh's event, check out the #BoshBasel hashtag on social media, and for more about Okamura's exhibition, visit the Yeelen Gallery website.

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