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Ayy my guys, you trying to get some sterling silver jewelry in your life, but feel weird as an American wearing Native American jewelry because of, you know, that whole genocidal history of our relationship? Cop this Cause And Effect silver cuff. It's got nice hammered details and adjustable sizing in case you have fat wrists. LAY OFF THE EGGNOG. Do people even really drink eggnog? I feel like that shit is all marketing. I've never once opened a friend's fridge and seen a quart of eggnog, which is how I know I have chosen my friends wisely. Although, I tend to avoid my friends during the holidays cause I'm not trying to give any extra presents out. That includes a 12 dollar bottle of red wine I have to give you for guilting me into attending your sad holiday party you throw because you mom and dad always passively aggressively ruined your holidays.