Back in October, this kid was caught on camera of the local news, vogueing like he's never vogued before. There are no words to describe how in the zone he is right here. Nothing will stop him from being seen on television working it. And yet, as thirsty as this behavior may appear, it's done in such a tasteful manner that isn't totally annoying, or just straight up grabbing the mic from the reporter and yelling into it. Well, that moment of stardom led to something even bigger because that shining light of a child, 15-year-old Brendan Jordan, is American Apparel's newest model.






He's even been on the talk show circuit recently and has been making quite the impression. This kid is EATING. Do you honestly understand how much money models for enormous brands make? American Apparel may be firmly in the shitter as of late, but they're still a huge company that has to pay its models tidy sums of cash for use of their likeness and dress in their product. Not to mention, Jordan obviously loves American Apparel so the synergy on this deal is off the fucking charts.

What a move for AA, shifting away from the scandalous, low-class photoshoots to feature a unique kid within the LGBTQ community. Brendan Jordan is our savior. Brendan Jordan is the exact opposite of Aéropostale. Brendan Jordan is love. Brendan Jordan is life. Brendan Jordan read Four Pins once.