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A couple of months ago, a model named Sara X introduced the world to her incredible hidden talent of boob-twerking that made anything that Miley Cyrus ever did look like child’s play. Now, in the spirit of the holidays, Sara has decided to gift us with another video, this time with a Christmas theme.

Sara mentions that this was the third take and that her muscles were tired, although it looks pretty perfectly executed, in our humble opinion. In her YouTube description she also made sure to point out that there is no fancy camera work or trickery involved here: “It’s very real,” she writes, “…it’s just that my boobs aren’t.”

It doesn’t appear that anyone minds, as the video has already racked up (pun intended) almost two million views on YouTube since being posted yesterday. Be sure to check it out above and appreciate this wonderful gift Sara has so generously shared with us. 

[via EliteDaily]