Even though celebrities are flush with influence and cash, there are only a few that consistently kill it when it comes to style. The rest of the time, they're just like us when it comes to hits and misses. But since they're constantly in the spotlight, the hits and misses are magnified instantly. Each week, we honor those who rise to the challenge of dressing well, and shade those who clearly threw up a brick.

Wins and losses are earned a few ways, and they don't apply equally to everyone on the chopping block. While some guys get killed for trying too hard, others manage to wear a busy kit while seemingly keeping balance. Others (cough—Bruce Jenner—cough) just don't seem to give a fuck about their appearance anymore, and while we can respect that confidence, it doesn't make an ugly outfit any less ugly. From too much, to zero fucks, these are The Biggest Celebrity Style Fails and Wins of the Week.

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