One man's trash is indeed another man's treasure. Illustrator David Irvine actually peruses various thrift stores and garage sales in search of his next canvas. The man brilliantly transforms generic thrifted art into delightful masterpieces full of iconic characters from fiction and references to American pop culture. "These neglected, awaiting potential landfill paintings are now given a second chance," he explains of his popular series entitled "Re-Directed Art."

Irvine, who has been creating and selling art for more than 25 years, works under the moniker "Gnarled Branch." He came up with that nickname in 2004 after salvaging a discarded wooden table and refurbishing it into a piece of functional art. These days, he's exploring different areas of art, including light bulb ornaments, sculpting, and his latest nerd culture-inspired series. If you want to cop a print or work of art by Irvine, check out his Etsy shop and other online storeClick through above to see some of our favorites.

[via ArtNet News]