In a recent interview, Chateau de Versaille Director Catherine Pégard told the International New York Times that Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor has been selected for a one-man show at the palace next year that will open in June and run through Oct.

"It’s not easy to choose an artist for Versailles," said Pégard, explaining that "it's not a museum, or a gallery or an exhibition space." She added that Kapoor was chosen because "he has something particular to say in this setting." According to the Times, the palace has been hosting the series of solo shows since 2008, with previous exhibitions for contemporary artists including Jeff Koons, Takashi MurakamiJoana VasconcelosBernard Venet, and Xavier Veilhan.

Expect more details about the exhibition as 2015 gets underway.

[via The Art Newspaper]

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