If Andy Warhol were alive today, he might well say, "In the future, every dude's girlfriend will have an Etsy shop." I'm sure there are men with Etsy shops too, but in my experience men cope with disappointment by becoming alcoholics or joining the Tea Party and yelling at young women and welfare recipients. Aunts have been doing the D.I.Y. thing for decades, but until the Internet, they could only force their wares on family. Now at-home garment makers can force their subpar product on everyone in their social network. Of course, you, as the boyfriend, are the only one who is truly required to wear any and all atrocities the spew from the unholy bowels of your lady's Singer.

Just in case you've deluded yourself into thinking the scarf your girl made looks good in that "can't tell if he's homeless" sort of way, or if you think that your girl's work is even nearly comparable to what you find at Wal-Mart, here is a reality check. This child laborer:

is always going to be better at making clothing than your girl. She makes scarves for 18 hours a day, and mere survival in a framework of economic oppression is a much stronger motivator than early-onset suburban ennui.