Here's an important fashion maxim that all of you hypebeasts out there out to write on your bathroom mirrors:

"Looking like a celebrity ​does not necessarily mean you look good."

Celebrities get to do whatever they want and be told they look great. From Elvis' sequin jumpsuit to Gaga's meat dress, this has been the case since the first entourage member said, "Don't listen to them. You look amazing." You are not a celebrity. You're just some dude who looks like their barber cut your sideburns unevenly and made a desperate move to save the haircut.

Only Macklemore can pull off this haircut. Only Macklemore can pull off that fur coat in the "Thrift Shop" video. Only Macklemore can be heralded as some kind of hero for writing a gay rights anthem after most of the country was already in favor of gay marriage.

You're not Macklemore. Be grateful for that fact and move on.