I feel dirty letting you guys in on my top secret Japanese stores, but I also want to help you stop dressing like shit. Call it paternal instinct. In before "THERE'S NOTHING SECRET ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE WRITING ABOUT." Fuck off. Yaeca is probably my favorite Japanese brand ever, but for some stupid, unfathomable fucking reason, it's yet to be picked up by a decent online European/North American stockist. I'm actually getting pretty tired of clumsily bumbling my way through all these weird Japanese checkouts. THEY ARE NOT LIKE OUR CHECKOUTS. THINGS ARE NOT WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. This long ass beige anorak is absolutely worth the bumbling though. The front pocket is dope and makes me want to find thin, rectangular objects to store on my chest. There are also side slits for emergency winter shitting and/or easy removal of the garm. You decide.

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