I'm gonna cop one of these Wtaps hoodies because if you don't own at least one or two sweatshirts emblazoned with the acronym of a Japanese brand name on the chest, you don't really exist. You're just some weird figment of the Internet that leaves disparaging comments on blog posts about expensive sweatshirts. I can't wait to wear this to a really expensive meal. Like, one where everyone else is dressed up in their going out gear. I love being the asshole that ruins the overall experience by showing up late, wearing a $300 dollar hoodie, smelling of last night's Newports and exclaiming, "THIS THE BEST FUCKING BONE MARROW EVER, FAM. LOOK AT US FEASTING LIKE GODDAMN VELOCIRAPTORS. STEVEN SPIELBERG COULDN'T EVEN COORDINATE SUCH A GRISLY SCENE. DOCTOR GRANT, YOU TASTE SO FUCKING GOOD. BONE MARRRRRROOOWW AYYYYYY. Yo, where the fuck is the vino dawg?"