There's no shortage of mind-boggling dance routines on Youtube, but perhaps the most awe-inspiring one of all is depicted in this video above. It features Mark Villaver and his deaf mom breaking it down to Usher's "She Came to Give It to You." 

The clip began making waves on the Internet earlier this week, after Villaver uploaded it onto Youtube last month. It starts off with Villaver introducing his mom, Emilia, who communicates to viewers through sign language. "Mom, you want to dance?" he asks, to which she nods eagerly.

About thirty seconds into the video, the mother and son kick off their choreography. Although Mark is the professional dancer who has performed behind Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, all eyes are on Emilia. Although she can't hear, she's able to feel and groove to the beat; her slick moves would give even Usher a run for his money. Watch the clip to see for yourself, but prepare to have your minds blown.

[via The Mighty]