I think this visvim sweater is really dope even though it has green on it, a color I do not fuck with. It just doesn't do anything for me even though it's the color of life, nature and shit. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, if this sweater can convince me to actually enjoy the color green, then you know it's doing something right. Granted, this $500+ sweater looks normal. Like, almost too normal even. Someone you hate at any of your upcoming holiday gatherings will probably just think you got this shit at Macy's or off the clearance rack at Marshall's, which is a good thing because you can't flaunt that fact that you spent HALF A THOUSAND DOLLARS on a sweater to people in your nuclear family. You just fucking can't. Not only will they never let it go, but your grandma will most definitely chime in about how she was going to give you cash for Christmas this year, but now she's worried sick you'll go and blow it all in one place on literally one thing. And your grandmother is in no shape to be worrying. Please, don't kill your grandmother. At least wait until after she's dead to buy this.