Have you guys been practicing the monologue you will deliver when all your cool fashion friends ask you why you don't own a pair of FBT's yet? You should talk about their relative ubiquity and how you've really been eyeing some other genre of footwear for a minute and you're just now figuring out the weird foreign sizing scheme. Or you could just cop a different pair of visvim shoes and talk about how you like them more. These Mesa Moc-Folks have two straps and two buckles and will require a sizable portion of your paycheck. They are pretty dope shoes though. Maybe even doper than the FBT to begin with if you're the kinda person who thinks Kanye is overrated. So yeah, spend almost a G bar on these shoes and murder everyone in your family when at Thanksgiving someone plops their piece of shit Bean boots on top of your Moc-Folks in that pile of shoes at your grandma's front door. Fucking barbarians.