Over at The New York Times, Matthew Schneier sat down with cultural guru, fashion designer and Kanye West creative director Virgil Abloh. The story unearthed a few things about Virgil I wasn't aware about, though, to be fair, I haven't really paid attention to the guy at all aside from this whole "Nebraska" thing that he lifted from Raf Simons' F/W 2002 collection.

So, right, Virgil also fucking loves "vibes," which, as we've noted before, are a totally worthless currency. But he's all about that shit, as Schneier notes, "Mr. Abloh's currency and favorite word is 'vibes,' which he applies liberally to anything that catches his fancy." As an official member of The Olds™, I seriously still have no idea what vibes even are or how they are used.

But all this vibing out started humbly in Wisconsin, where Virgil attended college at UW-Madison. Apparently, he stood out like a sore thumb in his time there as he DJ'd parties with a fashion sense Midwestern yokels hadn't ever seen before.

Most importantly, the profile charts Virgil's previous work with Pyrex Vision and DROPS IN THE LEGENDARY FOUR PINS LINK. Mama, we made it. That's it for us. We've peaked. We can finally stop this worthless fucking blog now.

Regardless of whether you think Virgil Abloh is a genius or a hack, he is a pretty interesting guy and you should probably give this thing a read, but mainly because there's, like, a sentence about Kanye's new album.