We've written exactly one single thing about this Japanese brand UNUSED. It was about a very expensive thermal shirt. While that was all well and good—overpriced thermals are pretty dope, just look at Fear of God—the brand's S/S 15 collection is way doper. We might need an Honest Lookbook breakdown of this thing because here's what this makes me feel like: I am a very subdued individual and prefer to express myself, not through my words, but through my alphets. I mean, that's the type of person I wish I was in real life. Unfortunately, I'm a worthless piece of garbage sitting in front of a computer screen that wears tees and track pants to work everyday. Look at this collection though. There's so much beautiful shit going on here. Tie closures, oversized cable knit sweaters, some all-over print, but also some solids. Oh, what's that, you want something traditional? You have casual suits and bomber jackets. Wait, you changed your mind and want some weird shit? How about a cropped, hooded tunic thing? If you're an aspiring shaman, UNUSED was made for you. Unfortunately, it looks like the collection will only be available in Japan, though I guess that's good for our bank accounts.