Wow, UNIONMADE convinced Levi's Vintage Clothing to do their first collaboration with this hand-dyed indigo sweatshirt. 1940s style sweatshirts are some of the illest sweatshirt silhouettes. They got that inset "V" detail and a slightly boxier body. I like the ribbing at the hem because it makes my white tees flare out more underneath. And, like, you're only as strong as the white tee underneath your fancy sweatshirt. Remember that. This is also a great sweatshirt to wear a nice jersey over, which is a move I've been pushing hard because you guys need to be spoon-fed that realness. I would suggest a throwback jersey. You guys remember throwback jerseys? Fabolous had at least, like, fifteen throwbacks per video back in the day. Let's all start wearing throwbacks again. And, before you scoff, just remember a lot of you dorks actually wear Huaraches now.