At a first glance, New York-based artist Robert Lazzarini's most recent exhibition at the Aldrich Museum of Art, may look like a set of simple 2D Photoshopped images. In reality, his artwork features extremely skewed 3D sculptures that prompt viewers to walk around and examine from all angles. In the exhibition, objects like chairs, telephones, skulls, and hammers are uniquely warped to an extreme level, which in turn confuses the viewer's perception. 

As part of his creative process, Lazzarini used mathematical distortions and algorithm-based operations to morph basic forms into these warped figures. He then constructed his pieces using the same materials as the objects being represented. For example, the artist used wood for the violin, cast bone for the skull, and metal and walnut for the revolver.

Read more on Lazzarini's methods, and keep up with updates through his website.

[via My Modern Met]