Danish fashion mainstay Soulland have been quietly going about their business, becoming one of the most consistently killer brands around. They've jumped two feet first into the Pre-Spring season, with their new "Gekko" collection, inspired by Michael Douglas' Gordon Gekko Character in Wall Street.

With the collection, Soulland pays homage to the charismatic stock traders of the '80s that Douglas' character came to represent, as well as their tendency to place their greed above everything else in their lives. Button-up Oxford shirts with all-over prints are prominent, along with T-shirts, knitwear and sweatshirts, each wearing a different motif and print that references the glory days of the stocktrading yuppie.

Check out some more images of the collection below, and pre-order your favorite piece on November 7 straight from Soulland’s webstore with shipping set for November 10. Enter the code “GEKKO” for free shipping during the first 48 hours.