Jason Dill has made waves way beyond the skate park. He founded Fucking Awesome, one of the greatest streetwear brands out there, and he often models for Supreme's lookbooks, so it makes sense that he's one of the most stylish dudes in the game. Over the years, Dill has modeled his style after his own icons, experimenting with different looks and trends before landing on essential pieces that work for him. In a feature on the streetwear standout, the brilliant minds over at The Ride have documented Dill's style history.

Early in Dill's career, around 1991, he took cues from legendary skateboarder Matt Hensley, rocking chain wallets and shorts with high socks, a look that would become ubiquitous during the '90s. However, it was just a couple years later that Dill started integrating pieces, like the Vans half cab, that would become part of his modern-day wardrobe. He spent the rest of the '90s swiftly moving through trends, starting with minimalist unbranded T-shirts, then adopting technical outerwear, like color-blocked windbreakers, before finishing off the decade in capri pants, polos, and North Face jackets. 

Dill cemented his status as one of the most influential skateboards of all time during the 2000s. This was also the decade that Dill combined familiar looks, bringing back the high socks with shorts, a move he still advocates for to this day, with new concepts. Dill also founded his clothing brand Fucking Awesome in the middle of the decade. Now, Dill, who mostly wears black jeans, Vans, and simplistic white shirts, doesn't follow trends, he sets them. 

Read more about Dill's rise as a style icon over at The Ride.

[via The Ride]